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At BdoonCode, we offer technological solutions for our clients' problems and software ideas to enhance society's well-being. We begin by studying requests and analyzing needs from all market and business aspects, providing easy and flexible technological models to address these requests and requirements. We also offer essential services at competitive prices

Domain & Hosting Reservation

Domain registration is the first step in securing your online presence, giving you an internet address for your brand.
We offer domain registration services for social media platforms, which is the right way to establish your brand's reputation.

Additionally, we provide website hosting services where we manage and technically oversee your website on one of our servers.

Website & Mobile App Development

We design and develop websites from concept to programming, launch, and user experience enhancement within a timeline that ensures the site's appearance in the top ranks of search engines. With people relying on smartphones, mobile applications have become essential. In this regard, we offer advanced services that consider the latest technological methods and appropriate design forms.

No-Code Programming

No-Code Programming Service is an innovative and exciting approach that allows you to create applications and websites without need for deep coding knowledge.
This technology combines creativity and technology by providing user-friendly visual interfaces and innovative tools that enable the rapid delivery of exceptional digital solutions.
Using No-Code Programming, you can turn your idea into reality without technical constraints or programming difficulties.

It's a powerful platform that empowers you to express your digital creativity and build incredible experiences effortlessly.

Networking Solutions

The network creation service relies on precise planning and meticulous design to ensure compatibility between hardware and software and secure and efficient data transmission. The advantages offered by this service include improving internal and external communication, increasing productivity, accelerating data exchange, and providing an interactive environment that contributes to achieving goals more effectively. Whether you want to establish an enterprise network to enhance communication within your organization or to build a digital social platform that connects people online, the network creation service will provide you with the necessary tools and planning to achieve this successfully.

Cloud Architecture

This fantastic tool contributes to clarifying and simplifying the design and implementation processes of complex structures and details in cloud computing environments. This service aims to transform technical ideas and concepts into understandable and engaging visual graphics, enabling technical professionals and clients to easily comprehend and illustrate the cloud environment. Through this service, you can design visual diagrams that illustrate how the cloud environment is configured, the relationships between different components, and the distribution of services at the platform level. Whether you are building a cloud environment for your organization or explaining to clients how to deploy applications and services in the cloud, the cloud diagrams service provides you with an effective means of communication and clarification.

Custom Software Design

The custom software design service is a creative and tailored process aimed at meeting your unique needs and requirements through the development of innovative and customized software solutions. It's a service that combines creativity and technology to efficiently achieve your individual or business goals.
This includes designing and developing user interfaces, application functionality, and integration with other systems if necessary. Whether you're looking for a custom mobile application for your business or a specific management system, this service provides you with the opportunity to obtain a software product that perfectly aligns with your needs and can contribute to your success. With this service, you can enhance your business efficiency, improve the customer experience, and achieve market excellence.

Database Analysis & develop

We provide this service using a variety of tools and analytical methods to gather the information that matters to you. We create databases that align with your business plan, making it easy for you to access your information in a way that helps you make informed decisions.

Digital Transformation

We convert every paper into code to make it easier for you to manage and work on your projects.

We can assist you in transforming routine processes into fully digital operations.